Solar Garden Lights Pros and Cons

Choosing the right garden lights is not easy since you have a very wide selection to choose from. With the different designs, functions, efficiency and cost of garden lights you will end up confused as to which one will suit your need. To help you ease the burden, let me narrow down your choices to two categories of outdoor lights: electric and solar lights.

Solar lights are said to be the best option for outdoor garden lights. But just like every outdoor fixture out there, it also has pros and cons. To help you visualize more on its advantages and disadvantages, it is best to compare it with electric lights.

Electric garden lights are powered by electricity just like every appliance that you have at home. And of course, since it uses electricity, you’ll need to have electrical wiring connected from the power source to your outdoor lights. This is what makes electric lights very inconvenient since you have to mull over the appropriate electrical wires for outdoor use. Moreover, electrical lights use the typical light bulbs that do not last long and needs to be replaced from time to time. The best thing about electric lights is that they are widely used and is more accessible at a lower cost.

On the other hand, solar lights use solar panels which are connected to rechargeable batteries. There are no more electrical wirings that need to be installed making it more convenient to use. The panels collect solar energy from the sun which is then used to charge up the batteries. The batteries then provide power for the light. Moreover, solar lights use LED lights which last longer than ordinary light bulbs. Solar garden lights are ideal for those who are environment friendly and for those who wants to save money from electrical bills. However, since it uses advanced technology, it is more expensive and you have less selection to choose from.

With such comparison, you can now decide more easily on which garden lights to choose. It is appropriate to consult more sources and read more tips regarding different outdoor lights so you will have no regrets and you will not waste your money on buying the wrong outdoor lights.

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