Softball Glove: Getting the Right Fit

Baseball the sport of choice, America’s past time, has been played world wide by millions. Did you know that out of all these millions of people, many of them do not know how to buy a softball glove. This article aims to educate you on how to choose the right softball glove, the fit is not the only thing that should “fit.”

The most obvious factor in buying a glove is the measure. Fielders softball gloves, first base mitts, and catcher gloves are all various forms of gloves with different methods of measuring them. The fielder and base gloves are measured by the tip of the index finger of the mitt down to the inside pocket and across the heal of the mitt. Make sure to bring a flexible ruler to get an accurate measure.

The quality of the glove also plays a major importance in its “performance.” The grade of the glove is determined by its leather and stitching. The heavy leather is better for performance and durability, but will take some time to break in. Perhaps it is true that you must put time into something to get a quality result.

Once you find out which softball glove is right for you breaking it in will be your next challenge. Many companies will provide a special glove oil or leather conditioning cream along with the glove. If you are to look else where to break in your glove, try to avoid methods that require microwave or ovens. This will cause cracking and discomfort when on the hand. For the final rigorous task, you have to wait for your glove to be ready for you to use!

When shopping consider these factors over pricing. You will find a better buy if you do not try to penny pinch your way into a glove. Think of it, you get what you pay for.

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