Skype Is The Best Way To Make Free International Calls

It is possible to call your family in so many ways. Before most people had two options. One was do dial direct from a phone and pay the expensive call charges, and the other was to use an international calling card. Using a calling card would save you up to 70% on an international call.

Now thanks to VoIP and the internet you can make free international calls. It is simple and easy to use. The Internet had changed the face of telecommunications. In the last 20 years people’s lives have been transformed thought the power of the Internet.

Most people in the world have heard of Skype. With Skype you can make free pc to pc calls using the Internet. All you need is a computer, microphone and speakers. If you have a web camera then you can make free video calls. Just make sure your microphone and headset is plugged in to the computer so you can start talking immediately without needing to fret if there is no sound. There other programs that allow you to make free Pc to PC calls, but Skype has become the default standard. Other providers include Evaphone and Rebtel. They both offer really cheap international calls from mobile.

If you wanted to make a call to a land line or mobile phone from your PC you can opt to pay Skype a monthly fee that allows you to call landlines or mobile phones. There is a fee for each minute you call to a land line.

There are now websites on the Internet that give you free international calls to land lines. Call quality isn’t that great but what do you expect for something that is free. Just search online for cheap calls to Sri Lanka to find out websites that allows free international calls.

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