Short Term Car Insurance Can Also Help In Adding Drivers To An Existing

If you are about to receive a few visitors to your place and feel that they may be a need for them to use your vehicle, you should start making arrangements to contact your insurance provider and ask them to include the names of your visitors on the auto insurance policy that you have. Your insurance provider is quite likely to tell you that a short term car insurance policy will be issued to you with their names included as named drivers on the policy.

You will be required to pay an additional premium for the short term or daily car insurance policy you purchase for your visitors. However, you would also have made arrangements to ensure that your vehicle comes to no harm if your visitors were to get involved in an accident. You would also be telling your visitors that you have made arrangements for their safety as well, by purchasing Short term car insurance for them.

You should never be making a mistake of letting people that are not named on your auto insurance policy to use your vehicle without first purchasing Short term car insurance. The consequences of such actions, in case of an accident or if your visitors are stopped for a routine check will be disastrous for you. Your visitors will without doubt be penalized for driving without insurance, while you could face the loss of your car as it would be impounded.

These are things that you should be particularly concerned about rather than avoid the purchase of Short term or daily car insurance for your visitors. If you are not in a position to provide them the insurance that is required, you should either refuse to lend your car or ask your visitors to contact an insurance company and make arrangements to purchase such policies themselves. Your visitors will understand that you are only looking to stay away from any kind of trouble with the law and will cooperate with you without any hesitation.

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