Secrets of Lawn Care

You might be aware, that water is the main ingredient in maintaining a lawn. Without water your lawn will not survive, but at the same time, too much water will spoil your lawn. You could have applied nutrients to your soil and the excess water will eventually take out the nutrients from the soil. To overcome this situation, you have to apply fertilizers at least three times in a year, the preferable periods being early spring, mid summer and early fall. It is still better, if you apply the fertilizer once in a month, starting from March and ending in October. It is also important to use a quality fertilizer and a good spreader.

You should also aerate your lawn once a year. If your soil is of clay or hard soil you will do the aeration twice a year. But you must keep in mind that too much aeration will help the weeds to grow in plenty. You can learn better ideas of maintenance of a lawn from the website of gardeners Edinburgh.

Old dead leaves and debris accumulated in your lawn will be a great hindrance to the growth of grass and they have to be removed periodically and preferably during early spring. You should use a quality machine that blows out the leaves effectively.Beautiful Lawn

If you have a very big lawn, do not hesitate to engage a good landscaping company for the removal of debris and other residues. If the above ideas of lawn care are followed, you will be the owner of an attractive lawn.

While watering the lawn and the plants, you have to follow the water restrictions prevalent in your area. If you have a Bermuda type grass, that grows below the knee level, it is enough to water it two to three times in a week using the sprinkler system, 15 to 20 minutes on every occasion. If you grow all season type grass, you will have to do watering on a daily basis, 20 to 30 minutes, on every occasion, subject to the allowable water restrictions.

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