Searching for the Best Japanese Airfix Soldiers

When we think of toy soldiers and army men, most of us would usually want to have the American or the British soldiers. These infantry battalions are always looked up to by many as the heroes of most historic wars. However there are also toy soldiers that model the Japanese army. We know that the Japanese soldiers are seen by a lot of people as the ones that triggered the World War II to take place. Nevertheless there are still people who would like these unique toy pieces as part of their toy soldier collections. This is why the Airfix Company created or produced the wonderful Japanese Airfix soldiers.

Nowadays, finding a good set of toy soldiers is very hard to do. We know that video games and high technology toys are slowly getting these remarkable toy classics out of the picture; however the Airfix did a great job in maintaining these items on the market. Because of the rarity of finding these items, most toy collectors and aficionados would do practically anything just to have them even if they are only second hand toys. Nonetheless, Airfix still managed to make these things easier to avail.

Airfix combat soldiers always come in packs or sets. This likewise goes for the Japanese Airfix soldiers. These superb items were first released in the market in the 1970s and have undergone a lot of re-modeling and repackaging. The very first Japanese set contained 12 soldiers, these days the company reduced it to 6 for some reasons. Just like any other Airfix combat sets, the Japanese toy soldiers were also made in a 1-32 scale. What’s even better about these pieces is that they are made from very pliable materials which make it easier for the collectors to pose. The makers even created separate body parts that exhibit different gestures in order to widen the movement or the actions these toy soldiers can do. These extraordinary sets also include battle paraphernalia such as war weapons, army tanks, camps and a lot more. It is also very possible for owners to carved and remodel these pieces on their own in order to have them look like real war battle figures.

Having the Japanese Airfix soldiers is indeed a great way of playing and re-enacting the historic battle and disputes that happen during the 1940s. This way, we could not only have the same American or European combat sets but we could also play with the Japanese toy soldier models. From now on we could full create a wonderful war scenario on our own wit the use of these one of a kind Airfix toy soldiers.

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