Search for Ice Auger Blades

I’ve been drilling holes in the ice for some thirty years now, chasing the fish that live underneath. Each winter, a friend and I, head to a remote lake in the mountains and spend a couple of days ice fishing. My buddy Jake found this lake after doing a search on the internet, that was three years ago. Since then, each year, in the middle of winter, that’s where you’ll find me and Jake fishing in our ice holes. At the beginning of this winter, however, I needed to get myself a new set of ice auger blades (my old set had cut through more ice than you could find on Everest). I fronted up to a fishing store and asked someone if I could have a gander at the ice auger blades. The fella, smiling, answered me by asking if I’d be interested in checking out an electric auger for sale. Not wanting to upset the guy, I nodded and he led me to a part of the store where every electrical fishing component you could think of, was displayed. The salesperson pointed to the electric auger for sale and asked me what I thought. I walked over and inspected it closely. It looked nice enough; painted a bright red, so there was no way of losing it, a large “start” and “stop” button and the thing was lightweight, which meant humping it through the wilderness wouldn’t be a problem.

I smiled, “It’s nice,” I said, “Where are the ice auger blades?” he seemed disappointed and gestured with one of his hands at the electric auger for sale. I looked back at the shiny red tool then at the salesperson – he was now standing beside me – “A bit hard on my wallet,” I said, “now, the ice auger blades. Where are they again?” With a sigh of resignation and a look on his face that told me he wasn’t a happy camper, he led me to yet another part of the store; pointed to a rack of ice auger blades and left me. As I watched him walk back to the counter, I mumbled to myself, “I guess I should’ve bought the electric auger for sale.”

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