Review for Eagle Creek Tarmac 22″

A 22″ suitcase not suitable for extended vacations and month-long trips, but is a great bag for short distance traveling. This suitcase is small enough to carry around easily with minimal hassle. Eagle Creek is well known as a quality suitcase brand, and their Tarmac series have won several rewards for their durability and reliable features. Eagle Creek suitcases are also famous for their lifetime warranty, so any components that have broken can be easily fixed.

The Eagle Creek brand was originally made famous for dominating the outdoor luggage industry. Recently however, this company has started to sell luggage made for business executives and vacationers. These products can be used in any travel environment and often feature rugged designs that are typical of Eagle Creek styling. The Tarmac ES 22″ is one of the smallest of the Tarmac series, but it is an excellent carry-on suitcase and can be accompanied with a leather backpack for airline travel.

The 22″ ES Tarmac is built from Cordula, which is a durable nylon fabric. The main compartment forms the center of this suitcase with two larger areas for packing items separately. The large compartment can be expanded and compressed, depending on how many belongings you have to pack. The multiple pockets are perfect for organized packers who want everything to fit properly. The 22″ Tarmac only weighs 8 pounds while empty, so it is the lightest suitcase that features a lifetime warranty, with the exception of gucci luggage.

In summary, the Tarmac 22 ES is an excellent suitcase for any casual traveler. Although it is not big enough for holding large quantities of belongings, it is excellent for bringing through airports as a carry-on bag. The only downside to the Tarmac 22″ is that it does not feature a hanging compartment. Besides that, is is a perfect choice for travelers who want a cheap, high quality bag.

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