Replacing Your Autodialer With Predictive Dialer

Businesses that began to employ telemarketing strategies about 10 years ago may well engage in the autodialer solution. While it is generally effective if you have sufficient resources at your disposal, the fact that this system merely helps the operator to choose a number and dial out automatically means that there are plenty room for improvement.

In comes predictive dialer, which is an improvised version of autodialer. Predictive dialer, or hosted predictive dialer, is a software-based solution that aims to provide a fully automated dialer solution while maximizing the efficiency of each operator you have.

How a hosted predictive dialer solution works is that it applies a predictive algorithm while dialing, meaning it would dial out more calls than the total number of operators available. This is because not all attempted calls would be answered, and that calls can be made while the operator is still on the line promoting your business to another potential client. With a predictive dialer, your operators can focus solely on the job they are paid for, and that is to promote your products or services, with full efficiency. Waiting time that traditionally existed in the autodialer solution would then be minimized, allowing lesser operators to make more phone calls, thus potentially saving on your operation costs.

There are plenty of hosted predictive dialer providers out there, and you may be interested to try out some. Companies are eager to please and many offer competitive pricing plan with very complete features. A comparison of hosted predictive dialer companies may help you in deciding which company to go for, and once you have made up your mind, feel free to contact the service provider and ask for a free trial. Most companies allow free trial period for smaller setup (1-2 operators) and you can make use of this to test out the functionalities before committing.

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