Remodeling The Entertainment Room

When you consider remodeling your entertainment room, you may look at doing a few technology upgrades while you’re at it. Some of the more common upgrades that individuals do include the video in the form of a projector with screen, or new TV. Another option for upgrading could be the audio, possibly the components including what you use to manage your media and gaming, and lastly the room itself including furnishings.

For the video, there are definitely some pros and cons when it comes to the plasma versus the projector. Really you have to weigh these and take into consideration the cost of each and really the preference you may have. In the case of plasma, you have usually a really nice display that is very crisp and clean with a lot of detail, especially when watching in high definition.

With the projector, you have a lot more screen real estate for the money. You can usually get some HD projectors for a reasonable cost and have the quality still stand out. Often the screen that you use will be a deciding factor in how good the quality is. If you don’t have the room wired for video, you may need to get a wireless video transmitter receiver in order to make that work out well.

For the audio, the speakers should be in a surround configuration. Again, if you don’t have wiring for this, the quality is usually a bit higher and some of the additional issues with latency or other problems that you may come across with wireless speakers may make it worth adding speaker wire behind a baseboard, or if you’re really remodeling, just wire for it in the walls themselves.

As for the other components, I personally like the media PC whether this is a Mac mini running Mac OSX or a Windows PC with any number of different loaders, or a combination of multiple devices, this can be where your entertainment room really stands out. Even though you may be killing some serious brain cells, you quite literally could watch thousands of hours of video once you have access to the net without ever seeing the same thing twice.

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