Reduce Kitchen Waste By Composting

Why Compost?

Composting is a way to reuse your organic waste and also reduce the amount you send to the landfill. Another great benefit is that you can use this material to fertilize and amend your garden soils with a nutrient rich material.

How does Composting Work?

Composting is done by mixing a variety of organic materials. A good mix includes the right amount of green and brown material. Green material is nitrogen rich and includes kitchen scraps and wet grass clippings. Brown materials are those such as leaves, branches and material such as hay. With the addition of water and air this material will break down in an accelerated process due to the pile heating up. When all of this material has broken down you will be left with compost, a rich black material which has a smooth consistency and smells like rich earth. This material is commonly called “black gold” by gardeners.

Compost Makers

You can make compost in many different ways. There are processes known as hot and cold composting but that is a whole other topic in itself. You can start a compost pile by just adding your materials into a heap or your can make or purchase a compost maker. These compost makers allow you to contain your compostable materials in an enclosed area which reduces the risk of fruit flies and other pests and also makes the composting process much easier to maintain.

Since you need air in a compost pile for the process to happen in a timely manner there are spinning composters, which make turning a compost pile an easy task. There are also compost buckets, which can be purchased in the electronic form which heats the pile up as well as a slough of other compost makers.

What To Put Into A Compost Pile?

You can put a good amount of your organic waste into a compost pile. These materials include kitchen scraps such as fruits, vegetables and egg shells. You can also add your lawn clippings and other yard waste such as leaves and branches. Things that you should avoid adding are protein items such as meat, dairy and bones and diseased plant materials.
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