Recommended Sub-Zero Refrigerators

Sub-Zero Preservation, the subsidiary brand of refrigerators of Wolf Appliances, is just another upscale refrigeration brand that aims to provide you perfection in your storage and cooling requirements.  A typical Sub-Zero refrigerator model comes with standard features that are, most often than not, more enhanced than the features that are integrated in other brands’ models.  For this reason alone, Subzero prices should not come as a surprise – a high quality fridge always comes with a high price.

Still, if you are certain to buy a Sub-Zero refrigerator, then you will find that all Sub-Zero models are nicely equipped with technical and storage features – more than enough than you can ever imagine for a kitchen fridge.  If you are still clueless on what type of fridge to get, then leave it at the pros to recommend you these specific Sub Zero fridge models:

Integrated Refrigerator / Freezer

A combination of refrigerator and freezer in one cooling system will always remain to be a classic choice among customers.  If you are a fan of this particular fridge design, then Sub-Zero has the 700TCI Integrated fridge-freezer that can equally cater to your cooling needs.  Equipped with dual refrigeration system and two distinct temperature zones, this refrigerator will make sure that the products and items you store are kept in the right temperature setting.

Wine Storage

If you are a wine enthusiast and an avid collector of wine bottles, then buy yourself a separate wine storage, preferably the WS-30 Wine Storage from Sub-Zero. This will surely bring wine preservation its most efficient level.

Sub-Zero Pro 48 Refrigerator

The central attraction among the Sub-Zero refrigerators is probably the Sub-Zero Pro 48 Refrigerator.  It’s also the biggest refrigerator to have ever been designed and manufactured not only from Sub-Zero but from the whole refrigeration industry as well.  Spanning for more or less 48” in width, the Sub-Zero Pro 48 refrigerator is precisely designed to provide you the best refrigeration experience through its magnanimous storage capacity and cooling innovation.

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