Productivity Improvement Methods Within Software Development

Many software teams will appear to reach a limit in the productivity improvement gains they can make. This is natural in all team environments but requires careful consideration of what techniques to use for getting extra outputs from IT staff.

Your first consideration as a manager should be to see what lines of specialization have been established within the team. If it becomes too specialized then work activity bottlenecks cannot be worked upon by several employees at once in order to fast-track pieces of work. Managers should allow individual employees to train up and crossed these lines of specialization.

A worker’s level of involvement also plays a big part in the amount of responsibility and ownership they feel for their work. Allowing staff to plan out and decide some of the operating procedures for their work can cause substantial productivity improvements. For example, the Google marketing strategy is often referred to with their goal of organizing the world’s information and they facilitate this company goal by letting staff have greater flexibility to the project’s and actual activities they do within their own work.

The team itself is only as good as the communications that are maintained between staff. This can be especially difficult in dispersed teams. The key to getting this working correctly is having direct communication between individuals that is facilitated in both directions (i.e. every team member should be approachable for questions, etc.).

One of the more parent productivity improvement techniques is to send employees on advanced training courses. This really becomes extra beneficial if this training is then incorporated into operating procedures and every day work.

Finally, the reward system you have in place compared big part on productivity. The important factor with this is that it is fairly administered so that actual effort and performance by individuals is being awarded. Consider using group rewards as well as a way of ensuring a team spirit.

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