Preparing Your Property for Wind

When you live in an area that is known for strong winds, it is important to understand how you are going to protect your property from wind damage.  Many people do not take the wind seriously and because of this, they do not understand how to take preventative action.

Though you will likely not have to worry about water damage in Honolulu, you may be concerned about wind damage in Kansas. As you are learning how to protect your property, you may want to start with large trees.  Large trees can be dangerous to buildings or people in the area.  Plus, when you have landscaped your property and have grown trees, you do not want them splitting and falling in the wind.

Wind Damage Tree

First, take pruning seriously and understand how to go about pruning your trees effectively. When you are pruning your trees you have to be sure that your pruning is helping your trees rather than hurting them and creating an even more dangerous situation.While you are pruning, look for the branches that cross or rub against one another. When you find these branches remove them, because when they are rubbing against one another in the wind they will each increase the pressure on the other branch.

As you are looking for branches to prune you should also look for the branches that are taller than a main stem, narrow crotches and any dead or broken branches. This way, you can be sure that the tree does not have many exposed weak spots when trying to endure the wind.

Second, many trees are weakened simply because they are not healthy.  When you want to keep your trees healthy you have to be sure that you are in control of the insects and diseases that can infest your tree and make wind damage even worse.  When you are keeping a tree healthy you will also want to make sure that the trunk and roots of the tree are in good shape.

Keeping roots healthy will require some preparation, but if you can create a mulch bed around the trees and create paths around the roots you may be successful.Many people accidentally damage their tree’s root system with the lawn mower.  It is important that you know how you are going to mark the area around the tree to ensure that you are not damaging the roots when you are caring for your lawn.

Finally, when planting trees it is important that trees are chosen that are going to survive in the wind.  There are a lot of trees that are more susceptible to damage simply because they are not genetically designed to stand against the wind and survive.  There are some trees that are known to not incur wind damage.  The London plane tree and the Sycamore trees have a tap root system that is very well designed to stand against the wind and not incur damage throughout the entire time that they are living.

Planning for wind damage is important when you live in a city where there is strong wind.  Preparing yourself for this wind damage and preparing your plants for any wind is a great way to keep your property healthy and safe.

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