Poland Holidays – Your Quick Guide

Poland is a picturesque country in central Europe. With a wide variety of activities you can do, it’s an excellent choice for a holiday away from home for a few days or maybe even something a little longer!

When opting for Poland holidays, you should know that there are five different regions of Poland; each is as different as the next and you can easily tailor your holiday around your interests.

Greater Poland is great for nature lovers; here you’ll find many opportunities to rent ATVs, lakes, and even wine tours. We should also note that the original dual capitals lie here, and many different historical monuments (the Gniezo Door, Poznan) and UNESCO world heritage sites (Goluchow, Zielona Gora).

In Lesser Poland, you’ll find mountain ranges galore. Krakow offers a real euro-clubbing experience, along with dining and all kinds of shopping opportunities for any budget. In warmer months, you can find all kinds of hiking here, with guides and kit rental available so you don’t have to pack your own. If you’re into history, you can find the Nazi camp turned museum of Auszhwitz-Birkenau; busses run between Krakow and the museum daily, so it’s easy to access.

Masovia is the real urban part of Poland; here you’ll find Warsaw and all its concerts and festivals during the summer. In mid to late May you can visit all of Warsaw’s museums and galleries for free during the Long night of the Museums. If you’re an adventurous drinker, try some of the local Wyborowa; popular vodka made from rye that is sweet and a sour depending on who made it.

Podlachia and Pomerania are two minor regions. Podlachia offers forests and camping, while Pomerania lines the Baltic Sea, with resort towns, soft sandy beaches, and rocky cliffs for hiking.

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