Plastic Toy Army Men – Beyond Sizes and Shapes

Plastic toy army men are classic toy soldiers. Averaging 2 inches in height, they are tough, commonly green or camouflaged little plastic molded toys. Armed with modern guns and pistols, they are found at very cheap prices on almost every supermarket, thrift and toy stores.

Due to its low price, these toys are an easy favorite for creative minded children, where they can strategically place several of these men for the everlasting war games along with other favorite arsenals of marbles and rubber bands.

If you intend to purchase these troops for your kids by the bucket always check the quality and durability for longer lasting enjoyment. The average size would be 2 inches and be warned that these toys are not safe for children below 3 years of age. The toy army men can be at choking hazard for children of this age as they always put things in the mouth, edible or not.

These soldiers are in all forms and postures, they may also come in different colors, make sure your buckets have varied mixes of these. Your kids would truly enjoy placing his toy soldiers on different surfaces and providing them with variety would add up to the fun.

If you want more detail from a brand, GI Joes, created by Hasbro, are amongst the popular ones. Their audience are 4 year olds and above and their toys a bit larger with the smallest at 3.5 inches in height which might cost close to $10. A more equipped toy soldier with sounds and detailed clothing can be bought around $20, its height is around 12 inches.

The American culture is largely inspired by these plastic army men toys, as these toys were inspired by real soldiers commonly seen in war movies on the silver screen. It is a must-have in a collection of toys as portrayed in the movie Toy Story where they are allies to its hero, Woody. Their influence also reached the candy world where soldier gummy bears are a favorite.

They were able to cross the gaming industry with Army Men series, developed by 3DO and Global Star Software. America has pride and admiration to its heroes, the common American soldier, to a kid at play, same heroism and honor is a dream in progress.

Little Tikes play sets are popular toys for the little ones.

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