Pet Fountains Are A Healthy Choice For Our Pets

Everyone has learned they have to drink enough water. It is important to our general well being to keep suitably hydrated, right? So, what about our pets? Of course we offer them water, usually in the form of a bowl of stagnant water that they occasionally drink from. Wouldn’t it be better if our animals are motivated to take in additional water? Let’s accept it, most our pets live quite uninteresting lives. If we are not engaging with them they’re most likely sleeping! Well, now there’s a way to brighten up their daily existence while making them healthier in the process. Enter the pet drinking fountain.

Pet fountains aren’t new, however they have become much better lately. The first versions were basically a plastic dish that had a small pump to recirculate the water. They didn’t look very nice, plus the water was not even filtered. That has all changed as this small pet accessory is becoming more popular. Producers are creating fountains of various shapes and sizes, in addition to making accessories like cleaning kits and replacement filters available.

For many people it comes right down to how the fountain looks. They don’t need some ugly, loud bowl on the floor of their kitchen or eating area. Well, nowadays pet fountains are quieter than they have ever been, and there are some fountains that come across more similar to a piece of home decoration than they do a pet accessory.Drinkwell is perhaps the largest and most recognized business that makes pet fountains. There are several different Drinkwell fountains available, and this company also has a full line of supporting accessories. Based on which one you choose, you can pay thirty dollars, up to perhaps seventy five dollars for one of the more elaborate versions. For those with larger pets, take a look at the Drinkwell Big Dog Fountain.

Pioneer is the next biggest name, and they make a few of the nicer looking fountains. Their ceramic fountain is certainly one of the most popular as a result of how it looks. This is one of those items that appears like something other than what it actually is. It is known to be mistaken by some houseguests as a piece of artwork and not what it really is. That really says something regarding the appearance of this fountain.

One other benefit of owning one of these fountains is that it plays on the animal’s inherent instincts. They observe running water and they need to drink it, even when they aren’t very thirsty. They walk past their dish of stationary water and, well, it understandably will not spur the same emotions. A pet fountain is an effective way to help your pet wish to be healthy without even knowing it!

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