PC Repair Tips – Several Indications of a PC Hard Drive Crash

Computers do not bite. They are not going to take over the entire world like what you see in the movies. In truth, what you should worry about is when they crash and take down with them all of your vital files and data. A PC’s hard drive is considered as one of its most important components. It is the central storage hub in the computer system and when it fails or crashes, it will force all of the practical computer functions into a total halt!

If your computer is manifesting any, or all, of the impending signs of doom outlined below, then you should run as fast as you can and get CDs to create backups of your entire data.

First Sign – There is a high pitched whirling, loud grinding or clicking noise originating from your drive.

An operating drive that functions normally will have that smooth whining sound while it spins up and down. However, should there be clicking or grinding sounds, then the hard drive of your PC is surely on its way out.

Second Sign – You repeatedly see the notorious BSOD or Blue Screen of Death.

BSOD’s are basically stop errors which appear whenever your OS is having severe hardware or software problems. Oftentimes, BSOD’s can be remedied by a meticulous repair installation of your OS or by removing the bad device driver. However, if such first aid measures are done, but BSOD keeps reoccurring, this is normally an indication that your PC’s hard drive is giving way.

Third Sign – Your PC keeps re-booting by itself.

Although there could be many other plausible reasons on why this can happen like for example having a motherboard covered with dust, or overheating processor, etc. this mostly happens because of bad drives.

Fourth Sign – Your PC keeps hanging up or freezing frequently.

Things are working great and then all of a sudden everything stops; the program freezes, your keyboard and mouse does not respond and the only way to turn things back into normal is to go and reboot. This is an early sign that your drive is on its final legs.

Fifth Sign – Error Message: Missing OS or OS not found.

Now, this is a really nasty one. As a matter of fact, even the technical support guys at Microsoft are not totally sure as to what causes the appearance of this infamous error message. Normally, this means that your computer is already incapable of detecting its hard drive, or its drive is so badly damaged to still read.

Having trouble? If all else fails, check out a pc repair person in your area. Not sure how to find one, go online and search. So if you live in Baltimore, search out Baltimore IT services.

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