Our Calgary Chain Link Fence

A few years ago, my family moved to Calgary. We loved being able to experience a new place and enjoyed looking and loving our new surroundings. We have always known that change is good for us as a family, and we always do our best to cope and live well with situations we don’t expect to encounter. We love trying new things and pushing ourselves to limits that we never knew we had. We like to see just how far each of us can go. My family is very loving and supportive, and we do our best to be positive influences on ourselves and each other. On top of moving, we decided that we wanted to be able to change our new house entirely as well.

We began to remodel our entire house the moment we moved in. We painted every room a color we wouldn’t normally pick. This turned out a little strangely in some situations. For example, my brother decided to paint his bedroom a bright orange. He balanced off the bright color with neutral colored bed clothes, a brown desk, and a black night stand. My parents decided they wanted to paint their room purple. They did it in a very light, lavender color and bought dark purple bed clothes. My room ended up being painted a light blue. I followed my parent’s example and got dark blue and purple bed clothes and a rug that matched. After the inside of the house was completely remodeled, we decided that we wanted to work on the outside of the house. We had a big, beautiful yard, but our front yard faced the highway. This was a little concerning to us because we didn’t like living so close to the sound of so many cars.

Family Time

We wanted to have at least something separating us and the cars, so we decided to invest a small amount of money in a Calgary chain link fence. We decided on getting a Calgary chain link fence because it was not only the cheapest, but we were able to choose from a variety of sizes. There were fences available that were three feet tall, five feet tall, seven feet tall, ten feet tall, and twelve feet tall. We were even informed that if we wanted something taller, that would be possible. We decided that five feet tall would be the best for our purposes. A five food tall Calgary chain link fence provided us with enough height to be tall enough to become slightly difficult to climb for many people. The fence was very easy to install as well. We ordered the length that we wanted, and two large rolls of diamond-shaped, steel wire fences were delivered to our door. We only had to unravel one roll’s end link in order to hook it up to the other roll of metal. We also had multiple posts delivered to our door as well.

It took a significant amount of time and digging in order to get the posts in, but after that it was very easy. Even though our Calgary chain link fence is not as visually appealing as many other fencing methods, we are glad we have it because it helps keep our home safe. It also makes it possible for our two dogs to run around in the yard without having to worry about dangerous oncoming traffic. It also makes it possible for us to have a nice gate leading into our yard that matches the rest of the fence. We were even able to spray paint our fence a nice black so that it looks a little nicer than the steel gray.

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