Nicaragua Real Estate: A Lot Of Bang For Your Buck

For the last ten years the opportunity of buying Nicaragua real estate, property in Panama, Costa Rica or Belize real estate has brought growing numbers of US investors to Central America. These countries are very friendly to North Americans and are setup so that Americans can live very comfortably and in a style that most middle to low income Americans are not used to. In fact, given the low cost of living in the region it is possible to live well for less than $1,300 a month, a level that is below the average social security check.

Real estate in these countries is also very affordable. Asking price data from Reveal Real Estate shows that Nicaragua emerges as the cheapest country int he region followed by Panama and Belize. Costa Rica emerges as more expensive but still significantly below typical prices in the US or Canada. It is not surprising that a growing community of expatriates, many of whom are baby boomers, now call the region home. They have done the math and found that it makes more sense to live out their retirement overseas than remain in the US and face spiraling cost of living costs and high priced real estate.

The only thing about buying real estate in one of theses countries is that since it is obviously affordable to buy a gorgeous property for under $200,000 with a view and all the amenities then the cost of living there is also very low. So anyone moving there will either need to be retired, have a business they can work from home or use this as a vacation home and collect rent from vacationers while they are back home in the United States. The rents collected on the property from vacationers can often be enough to pay the monthly mortgage allowing the owners to spend time in Nicaragua or Belize during the less busy months of the year on an income producing property.

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