New Parents Love Enfamil Coupons

As a new parent I can tell you that I save a tremendous amount of money through the use of Enfamil coupons. We decided as a family that we would formula feed our babies from birth so we had to budget for this formula throughout the years. Unfortunately baby formula is extremely expensive and does by very quickly. As your child begins to grow you will have to increase the amount of formula you feed them each time. What we noticed is that we were going through one canister of baby formula every week which is getting to be quite expensive. Through the use of Enfamil coupons we were able to save roughly 20% on each canister which really adds up over time. It actually turned out that every fifth canister of Enfamil came out to be free simply by the fact that we diligently used Enfamil coupons each and every time we went out to buy one. This is a con of savings that can really make a difference in any families budget. Whether or not you decide that formula feeding is the right option for you you should definitely consider looking for coupons all over the Internet before you go out shopping.

Another very trusted brand that my family has come to love is Similac. We pretty much only by Enfamil and Similac in terms of our baby formula and the typically choose the one that is on sale that week. Some stores such as Publix and Wal-Mart will offer double coupons and coupons from their competitors which makes it really easy to save. We also have a Costco membership which gives us the ability to really save when it comes to the use of coupons. If you are somebody who has children in the formula feeding stage of growth I highly recommend you looking for Enfamil or Similac coupons each time you go to buy.

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