New Mobile Phones Will Be More Of Necessity Than Ever Next Year

Our dependence on new mobile phones and the technology they bring to make like simpler is becoming to the point where many people cannot function without one at arms length throughout their daily lives. Recently, the media reported that a woman being arrested for public intoxication got into a fight when she was told to surrender her Blackberry to the property department when she was being processed into the jail. As far as the rules go, that one phone call is still going to be on one of the police department’s phones, and not yours.

Even people in courtrooms and hospital rooms get indignant when they cannot use their mobile phones with them all the time. We are at a point where our new generation does not even know what a pay phone is anymore, and will probably have to go to Google Images to see one.

These little miracles of communications are great, but the same thing happened when the telephone was invented and mass duplicated. Home, and business phones on land lines where charged by the minute just as pay phones were before they became extinct.

Yes, you can pay your bills with your cell phone, and video conference as well, but the liberal use of phones in public areas is out of hand, and general decency toward other people are trumped because Sally Sue is talking to Betty Lou about what happened on The Biggest Loser last night.

Cell signal blockers should be put in areas where it is just plain rude to use a cell phone, like movie theaters, restaurants, churches, libraries, and anywhere else that interruptions should not be tolerated. Kids use them in class to talk to someone across the school via text messaging instead of doing their class work, and they wonder why the average American IQ has dropped in the last few years by over twenty points.

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