Mini Car Fridge Freezers

The car fridge has long been a popular addition to personal vehicles. One of these mini fridge units, when installed in your car, can allow you to carry a supply of cold drinks with you wherever you go.

There are two basic types of car refrigerator. The first is this cheap refrigerator based on absorption technology, these can often be found dirt cheap – sometimes for well under $100. The second type is the much more expensive compressor-based technology units; these car fridges – which cost from $600 on up – are a lot more useful, particularly pay a price.

Cheap 12 V coolers are good for drivers who do not intend to spend a whole lot of time running the car fridge without the vehicles engine running. Absorption style mini fridges require a substantial amount of power to operate, this means that if you run them for very long whilst your engine is not turning over they will start to drain your car battery.

If however, you just want somewhere to put your drink and keep it cold while you out driving on the road, then one of these cheap car fridges will serve you perfectly fine.

Quality compressor style car refrigerator freezes – such as those from National Luna or Waeco – are designed specifically to operate efficiently on a 12 V power source. The benefit of this is that these mini fridges are able to operate for a significant amount of time whilst your vehicle is not in operation, while during very little power from your battery.

This makes these more expensive car fridge freezes ideal for heavy-duty use. They are great for all-day fishing trips, or even long weekends out camping. If you enjoy this type of activity, then you’ll find your investment in a quality car refrigerator to be well worth your while.

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