Men’s Favorite 3 Accessories in the Bathroom

Women aren’t the only ones who enjoy spending time in the bathroom. Below are three bathroom accessory favorites for men.

A High Tech Shower

A high tech shower can take several forms. One form would be a programmable shower with water jets that change patterns and intensity at the touch of a button. Change the water temperature or pressure as if you were changing TV channels. If you’ve had a hard day at work or at the gym, set it to release hot pulses of massaging water. Early in the morning, set it to send out cold, intense streams of water to wake you up. Or select a slow drizzle with plenty of steam to clear your sinuses.Adjustable showerhead

Towel Warmer

A towel warmer keeps your bathroom towels hot, fresh and fluffy. Men can also use it to dry out work boots and socks. Or use a Warmrails towel warmer to keep a bath robe warm for use after the shower. Buy a towel warmer with many warming bars if there is a woman in the house who would use it to dry pantyhose and undergarments. He’ll appreciate using a towel warmer that keeps his towels and dress shoes separate from her items.

Luxury Shaving

Luxury shaving is the design of a space to make shaving convenient and clutter free. Buy a stand to hold the shaver and its accessories in a single space. The storage of brushes and razors should be so easy to use that it is clutter-free, since there is a place of everything and everything has a place. If an electric razor is used, buy a stand that has an automatic razor cleaner in it. If possible, lay out the vanity to allow the shaving stand to exist as its own space. The man should have enough space to shave without getting hair in his tooth brush or being crowded by others who use the same sink or vanity. An old-fashioned shaving mirror on an extensible mount is a classy touch most men will enjoy. The mirror can be pulled out as needed and folded back against the stand when not in use.

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