Marriage Counseling Tips to Save a Marriage

When a marriage is in crisis, almost any form of help can be considered.  One of the most common forms of aid is marriage counseling, in which a couple (struggling or not) can sit down with a trained professional and attempt to discuss their feelings.  For those in a relationship where communication is an issue, this idea can seem both worthwhile and frightening – worthwhile as an attempt to fix a problem, but frightening as it addresses an issue which may be quite uncomfortable for the couple.  Potential clients may have many marriage counseling questions, but the primary one is usually if undergoing such a process work will actually benefit the marriage?

The flippant answer is that marriage counseling is a benefit for any marriage that can be saved.  More seriously, attending counseling sessions can be beneficial in any situation where both husband and wife are committed to the marriage but have difficulty expressing feelings or thoughts.  If both parties are willing to communicate (a process facilitated by the professional third party), issues that would otherwise fester between the parties can be resolved.

However, the process does require a willingness to participate by both parties.  If one spouse is dedicated to leaving the other, no amount of counseling will miraculously fix a marriage.  Likewise, if a spouse is unwilling to be honest or to participate, a session will simply devolve into an awkward hour in which no real change is made.

Can this process help a marriage?  In most cases, yes.  It requires time and effort, and there are rarely if any situations where one session will make a miraculous change.  But by opening avenues of communication and allowing individuals to express their emotions in a judgment free environment, marriage counseling can be an important resource in helping to salvage a struggling relationship.

Whether this is right or wrong for a couple depends on the level of commitment of both parties, as well as the source of their marital problems (such as whether the source of their fights is financial in nature, like deciding to purchase mortgage term life insurance, or inherently related to the relationship, such as an affair that one of the partners has had). However, attending counseling sessions together is rarely a poor choice and may well save a marriage.

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