Make Breastfeeding Easier with an Avent Breast Pump

Breastfeeding is beneficial for mothers as well as their babies. That is why many modern women prefer to breastfeed their babies. Some working women want to breastfeed their babies but they hesitate as they have to go back to work. Using an Avent breast pump can solve this problem and even working women can breastfeed their babies easily.

Advantages of an Avent Breast Pump

Many companies make breast pumps but Avent is the most famous brand out of them all. Avent breast pumps can be used easily and that is why new mothers prefer them. Avent makes two types of breast pumps; electric and manual. This helps the women to choose the Avent breast pump that suits their requirement.

Choosing between Avent electric and manual breast pump

If a breastfeeding mother works only part-time and she is usually at home then a manual Avent breast pump suits her requirement. Manual breast pumps are used by those women whose milk supply is well established and they leave the house for smaller periods. Manual breast pumps are cheap and small in size. If a mother works for full time and she has to stay away from the baby for a few hours then she should invest in an electric breast pump. An electric Avent breast pump protects the woman milk supply and empties the breast completely.

Different Types of Avent Breast Pump

There are three models of Avent breast pumps. Avent Isis manual breast pump is very easy to use and it comes with BPA free bottle. Electric Avent breast pump comes in two models. One is single Avent breast pump and the other one is twin Avent breast pump. Twin breast pump is used by those mothers who express their milk during the office time and this breast pump is very useful as it saves a lot of time. Manual breast pump costs around $40 to $60. Electric pump costs $100 to $200.

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