Loving My Garmin Nuvi 650 GPS

Don’t laugh, I think I’m in love with my Garmin Nuvi 650 GPS unit. Is there nothing this little gps gadget can’t do?

I purchased the Garmin Nuvi 650 GPS receiver as a navigational system in the city, but soon found out that I could also use it for running, biking, hiking, camping, and best of all I could use it as the main piece of equipment in my brand new hobby, geocaching. I’m just thrilled that I didn’t have to shop for or buy anymore equipment for tracking down caches.

I’m not the best at trying to figure out how to use electronic devices, but the Nuvi 650 didn’t challenge me at all, and that is saying something.

As an example, when I first got my computer, I was afraid to touch it for fear I would do something wrong and break it, and it was a very long time before I learned how to set up my email and use it.

So, you can see why I’m so attached to my Garmin 650, I was able to start using it just as it came out of the box for finding destinations around town, and for my geocaching hunts.

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