LEGO Darth Vader Action Figure Kits

The LEGO Darth Vader kits are among the most popular of all the highly regarded LEGO toys on the market. LEGO kits are well loved by children and adults alike, as they are both collectible and fun with a long history as top selling toys. When a character as iconic as Darth Vader is included, it is guaranteed to be an instant legend.

Darth Vader Transformation is one of the most successful of the many sets that exist. The 53 piece kit is based on Revenge of the Sith and was released in 2005. Among its three LEGO figures are a wounded Anakin Skywalker, the medical droid which operated on him, and the end result of Darth Vader. It also includes a chair-bed combination that can be adjusted and rotated. This kit is very highly regarded among those who have purchased it.

The LEGO TIE fighter is as authentic to the movies as possible, with 251 pieces, bendable wings, shooting missiles, and a deflector shield. Ages recommended are seven to thirteen years, but it is a challenging project for people of all ages. The included LEGO Darth Vader figure may be seated in the cockpit, which opens and closes. Like the Darth Vader Transformation, this particular toy is given high praise and top ratings.

When the LEGO Star Wars franchise reached its 10th anniversary, the company ran a promotional offering of chrome Darth Vader figures. This 2009 event had 10,000 of the chrome figures inserted at random among different products containing a Darth Vader character. These rare LEGO figures are guaranteed collectibles and will increase in value over time.

One of the older and still popular LEGO Darth Vaders is the 2002 Technic 8010. This is not an action figure out of the box, but rather a kit for constructing one’s own Darth Vader model. The 397 piece set is intended for builders age nine and older, and is a highly sought toy. When Vader has been assembled, there are several moving parts including both arms. The left hand is capable of grabbing small items, and the right hand holds his lightsaber. The removable cape is made from cloth and adds a touch of realism to the completed model.

Many other kits are made which include a LEGO Darth Vader, and these are only a few of the most popular. Other LEGO figures from the entire series of movies and the Clone Wars show are available and all are highly regarded. LEGO and Star Wars is an excellent combination for both younger and older fans of the films and the toys.

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