Learn How To Quickly Clean And Remodel Your Bathroom Tile

Once you learn how to quickly remodel your bathroom tile and grout, you will be surprised, at how quick and easy it is to save money and do a good job fixing your bathroom tile. The best way to start out cleaning the grout in your bathroom is to spray the area with water and a mild grout cleaner. After allowing the solution to sit on the surface of the tile floor for 5 to 7 minutes, scrub the area with a tile scrubbing brush. This should remove most of the grout stain from the porous grout surface. It should also allow you to clean out the tile crevices. When you scrub, you should try to scrub either parallel or perpendicular to the grout lines. After scrubbing and cleaning grout, rinse with a rag or with a spray bottle and then wipe the area clean. If  stain persists, you may want to try scrubbing the area again, or you may want to allow the cleaning solution to soak on the surface for a little bit longer. Another tip is to use oxidizing bleach. This bleach will lighten the grout discoloration and will even remove it completely in a little bit of time.

Cleaning tile grout is important and you should take your time to do a good job. After the surface of your tile grout is thoroughly washed and cleaned, then it is a good time to apply your grout paint. When painting grout you will need to use a painting brush and a small can for holding the grout paint. It is best to begin in the corners or in the area of the bathroom that is furthest away from the door. Slowly and carefully, work your way back to the door. After carefully applying grout paint to the porous surface of grout, allow the grout paint to dry for 36 to 48 hours before assuming regular use. In addition to recoloring your grout, painting also seals the grout for 3 to 4 years.

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