Jewelry Boxes for Men

Most jewelry boxes for men are smaller and more specialized than jewelry boxes for women. Men usually own fewer accessories and—with occasional exceptions like wristwatches and cufflinks—fewer pieces of each type. The main jewelry boxes purchased by men are watch boxes, cufflink boxes and valet boxes.

Watch Boxes

Watch boxes protect expensive watches from scuffing by accommodating each in its own cushioned compartment. Collectible watches frequently have four-figure price tags, so throwing them in a drawer is not acceptable. A good watch box should offer half an inch of clearance between the face of the largest watch and the inner surface of the lid. Some collectors are more interested in showing off their watches, so many watch boxes have glass tops, which are also effective for keeping any solar powered watches running.

Cufflink Boxes

Like women with earrings, men who wear cufflinks usually like having a variety of them. A cufflink box keeps these small, easily lost clips collected and organized in a case of leather, burlwood, or some other handsome exterior. Like watch boxes, they’re available with glass tops or covered tops. Watch and cufflink boxes with opaque lids often have features that clear lids cannot, like additional pouches or an underside mirror.

Valet Boxes

Valet boxes are hybrids of watch and cufflink boxes. They’re actually general purpose cases designed to take a small assortment of key accessories on the road. Valet cases have a couple of compartments with watch cuffs, and additional compartments for rings, cufflinks, lighters, and other small items. While a valet box is often intended for travel, there are slightly larger versions ideal for domestic jewelry storage—especially for the man who only owns a few pieces.

mens jewelry box

Valet boxes are a good storage solution for men who own some jewelry but currently have nowhere to put them besides their dresser. The use case for cufflink boxes is more self-evident—though some models double as ring boxes. Watch boxes also sometimes feature one or two compartments for rings, cufflinks, or other small items. The choice of watch box to get ultimately depends on the number of watches or cufflinks that need to be stored.

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