Is Wedding Cancellation Insurance Recommended By Your Wedding Planner Book?

One item that gets overlooked quite frequently in the quagmire of wedding planning tasks is getting wedding cancellation insurance.  It certainly is not the most fun or glamorous things to focus your attention on and it is rarely mentioned in any wedding planner book found on the shelves.  Still, it is one of those items you should at least look into getting, since it is something that may save your wedding day from being completely ruined!

If you were to have to cancel your wedding for any reason, knowing that you could redo your wedding at any time in the near future is a wonderful feeling.  It is also a brilliant financial move.  If you had to rebook all of your wedding components again at full price, you would most certainly go broke.  I know I can’t afford to do such a thing.  With wedding insurance, after you drop down your deductible, it will cover the costs for your wedding.  You will be able to have that dream wedding that you planned for that one specific date on any date in the future that you choose.  Without it, you will need to make sacrifices in quality (much cheaper vendors and locations) and quantity (perhaps by cutting your guest list in half!) just to tie the knot.

This is what you get with wedding cancellation insurance.  There is also liability insurance that protects you from issues that may arise if a wedding guest gets hurt at your affair.  You will be protected from your wedding guests poor behavior of damaging the location or breaking your photographer’s expensive camera equipment, too, if you have this type of insurance.  Do you need it?  That is up to you.  You can also check to see if you are covered by your location’s liability policy as almost all businesses will need to have liability insurance in place before operating.

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