Is the Search for Printable Coupons Worth the Trouble?

There are many people who spend considerable amounts of time online, in search of printable coupons. The said printable coupons are supposed to qualify them (the beneficiaries who come across them) for various discounts on various products. There are many other people who, on the other hand, opt not to go in search of the said printable coupons. They opt not to do so under the impression that the search for the printable coupons – and the discounts in them – ‘is not worth the trouble.’ What we are trying to find out is an answer to the question as to which, between those two groups of people, is right. In other words, we are trying to find out whether the search for printable coupons is worth the trouble.

There are several directions in which we can look for answers to the question as to whether the search for printable coupons is worth the trouble. It is worth noting, in the first instance, that the amounts of money that one can save through the printable coupons looks small, especially when it is quoted in percentage terms. While there are printable coupons yielding as much as 30 percent in discounts, the truth of the matter is that most of them will tend to be in the 2-5 percentage range. And many of us don’t feel that the search for printable coupons that would help us save 2-5 percent of our expenditure on products we purchase regularly is worth the trouble.

However, when the situation is reframed, and the discounts quoted in actual monetary terms (rather than percentage terms), it turns out that pursuit of printable coupons may, after all, be worth the trouble. We are looking, for instance, at a situation where some of the coupons in question are actually dog food coupons, and where you are a dog owner. The coupons may be qualifying you for a 2% discount, and the offer may be ongoing for three months. Now supposing you have two dogs, for which you buy dog food worth $300 per month, you come to realize that in three months, your dog food expenses would be $900. You further come to realize that if the dog food coupons yield 5 percent discounts, for $900, the discount would be $40. Put this way, the coupons seem worth pursuing because by opting not to pursue them, you would effectively be ‘throwing away’ your $45- which may have cost you three or four hours of gruel-some labor to earn!

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