Is Beekeeping Right For You?

Working the pollen
Creative Commons License photo credit: dmott9

Personally, I think bees are fascinating critters, but before you jump headlong into beekeeping you should figure out whether or not it is right for you.  Here are some tips.

Don’t start with beekeeping if you are allergic to bee stings. You don’t like to spend time outside, You can’t spend a couple of hours a month on your hobby.

Do start beekeeping if you can invest $200 to $400 on bees hives for sale and other beekeeping equipment to get started. You enjoy spending time outside. You can handle an occasional sting. You enjoy learning about nature.

Beekeeping is a hobby that requires a minimal investment of time – you only need a few hours per month on a hobby level.  Once you have your initial investment made, it is very lowcost, and if you sell the honey and beeswax that the bees produce, you can actually make money.  So if you enjoy nature, and want a good excuse to get outside, beekeeping is a good hobby for you.

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