Insulation Makes a Garage Energy Efficient

When considering upgrades to a home for reasons of energy efficiency, insulating a garage door many not appear high on the list of projects but it is well worth the effort. Not only are most garages unfinished and unheated, but they can also be drafty. Having such a large space next to or underneath a living area can really cause winter utility bills to skyrocket.

It only takes a few minutes talking with a salesperson or reading online to understand the simple R-value scale, but this is important. The greater the R-value, the greater insulation the product provides. The point where cost and energy efficiency meet both of the homeowner’s needs may vary, but there is always a product that is still affordable, but can provide some great door insulation.

Garage doors that come with the hollow space already insulated are a great idea, but most homes have older, metal doors without any type of insulation whatsoever. This is no problem because there are many garage door insulation kits on the market that are designed specifically for retrofitting a door with a quality insulation.

What types are available? There are many after-market custom garage makeover products on the market and this includes ones like insulation that are more than just cosmetic improvements. One of the easiest to install and most popular are the foam board insulation panels. They are easy to cut to size and slide right against the back of a metal door. There is fiberglass roll insulation similar to what is used in an attic space that may also be used. Another type often encountered is a foil backed product which contains thousands of air bubbles that act as an insulating material.

No matter what style you choose, almost anyone can install them with minimal tools and limited skills. The difference can be amazing. A garage can be kept warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and this can make a big improvement in home heating bills and put more cash in your wallet.

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