Indian wedding cards

You want just the best for your Indian invitation cards and you want it to reflect the importance and the sacredness of your special union. You also want it to communicate all the details of the event leading up to the wedding with your guests. As choosing the right Indian wedding cards can be quite confusing, here are some essential tips to help you get the best Indian wedding invites for you.

Tips to get the best Indian wedding invitations for you

  • Consult your parents – Your wedding union is a special event for your parents as well, so the first thing you should do is hat with both your parents to listen to their ideas and concerns. Your parent’s opinions may have an impact on the layout, the design, wording and the overall feel of your wedding cards.
  • Consult your budget – Once you’ve chatted to your parents about the layout, design and the wording of the wedding cards, you now have to now consult your budget. Your budget will help you determine where you can splurge and where you should cut back.
  • Traditional wedding cards – You then have to choose between traditional or contemporary wedding cards. Traditional Indian wedding cards usually comes in the following colors – green, orange, red, gold, bright yellow and saffron. It also usually includes religious images like betel leaves and the Lord Ganesha on it.
  • Contemporary Indian wedding cards – Contemporary wedding cards usually include lots more colors that you can coordinate with the rest of your wedding decor. It is also usually in a semicircular shape made from handmade paper.
    • Remember to add all the details – The details that you need to add include the names of your parents, followed by your names and then your grand parents names. Also include all the details of the event leading up to the wedding.

I hope you could find everything that you need in this article on Indian wedding cards. If you are getting married at the beach and want to save money, why not use cheap beach wedding invitations? Just look at some sample diy wedding invitations if you want to make it self.

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