Important Safety Accessories for Walk in Bath Tubs

Disability, injury, and age can restrict mobility and make climbing in or out of the tub more difficult and dangerous than it should be – walk in bath tubs make it easier to enjoy a simple soak without the need for worry. These tubs are a great solution for the dependent and independent individual alike, especially if you aren’t yet ready to give up the luxury of a nice long soak.

Unfortunately, walk in bath tubs can be dangerous when used improperly. It is important to adapt walk in bath tubs to suit the needs of the people who use them.

Five Safety Improvements for Walk in Bath Tubs

A person who suffers from arthritis of the hands will have completely different comfort and safety requirements than a person who has just undergone a knee surgery. This guide will offer some useful suggestions to keep in mind when it comes time to outfit the tub for use. Do not feel pressured to include every safety accessory, rather, adapt this list to work for you or your loved one.

1. Wall-Mounted Pull Bars

The majority of today’s walk in bath tubs are designed with a molded seat or bench. Standing from this low seated position creates difficulties and sometimes pain for many owners of walk in tubs. Wall-mounted or floor-to-ceiling pull bars are a great way to add stability.

2. Shower Sprayer with Grip Handle

Some walk in bath tubs take several minutes to fill and drain. The wait is not too bad, but waiting for the bath to fill is not always practical. A shower sprayer not only allows for seated showers (without the need to fill the tub) but they also help hit those hard to reach spots during a bath.

The grip handle is an important feature. The grip handle will prevent the bather from dropping the sprayer – a heavy sprayer can cause serious injury if dropped on a foot.

3. Call Button or Other Emergency Alert

What happens if the power goes out and the room is too dark to exit the tub? What if you slip and fall off the molded chair? What if the drains suddenly refuse to work? All of these scenarios have happened before. A call button is perfect if help is home, while an emergency alert button can beckon the paramedics if the house is empty.

4. Floor Drain and Dual Tub Drain

Equipment failures are extremely rare, but they are possible. The floor drain comes in handy if any leaks occur (this is why yearly maintenance is recommended), and the dual drain system in the bottom of the tub is meant to provide a backup solution if the one drain fails for whatever reason.

5. Safe Heating Source

Walk in bath tubs can take anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes to drain depending on the plumbing. This is why many people may be tempted to bring a small space heater in to the bathroom, but this can present an electrical hazard if the tub ever springs a leak. Make sure to have a bathroom-approved heating source ready to go so that chilly drain times become a non-issue.

These tubs are a fantastic way to improve safety, independence, and confidence – especially with the right safety accessories. Planning well ahead will help you feel better about walk in bath tubs as a valuable mobility solution.

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