Importance of A Good Saddle And Tack Fit

The horse tack that you choose is going to determine the overall comfort for your horse. In addition, the horse tack will either aid or hinder your horse in its ability to perform its function and purpose. You will have to make a decision between two different styles of tack, Western and English. These two forms are very different. English saddles and tack are specially designed to press on certain pressure points of the horse. This allows the owner to train the horse to respond in a specific way in response to pressure on one of the pressure points. Western tack, includes all of the traditional riding styles and is most likely what you are looking for.

The majority of people looking for horse tack are going to want the more traditional Western trail tack. This includes a Western saddle that is comfortable for both the rider and most importantly the horse. It’s really important to get the right fit for the horse, because the wrong weight displacement could cause permanent injury to your horse. There’s nothing worse than to be stuck in the back country with a lame horse. If you can achieve a good fit with your horse, then the horse will feel good and have more energy to travel farther distances and greater speeds. Comfort and a good fit are everything, when fitting your horse with good trail saddles and tack.

If you are getting your horse ready for riding competitions, then you will want to train and ride with English tack. A good bit to use is the snaffle bit. This style of bit is good for a horse that is already somewhat responsive to your commands. Every once in a while you will have a horse that won’t pay attention or is not responsive to a snaffle bit. In this case, you might want to test a egg butt snaffle. This kind of bit will get the horse’s attention, but improper use could cause damage to the horses damage. So, only use an egg butt snaffle bit with the proper instruction of a professional trainer. There is a right way and a wrong way to use this style of bit.

Buying a new set of horse tack is a difficult decision. There are many brands and styles to choose from. However, try to find something that is a good fit to your horse and offers your horse the most comfort. It’s best to have a comfortable horse, because then they can focus on the task at hand.

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