How To Protect Your Documents From Getting Corrupted Or Infected With A Virus or Spywares

Protecting files in our computer is something we need to take action immediately if ever there’s a chance or a way for a virus to infect our PC’s which can affect all our vital files. Most business nowadays depends on the computer to make transactions to different clients, make legal documents, and to communicate among business associates through emails and chat rooms. Here are a few tips on how to protect your files from getting corrupt or getting infected by a virus:

–          Always make a backup copy of your file. Whenever you finish your work, do back up your file by saving it into a different hard drive or external device. That way, it would save you a lot of time and effort if ever your files get compromised.

–          Install an effective antivirus. Antivirus’ would detect the culprit that is responsible for infecting your computer. It scans thoroughly the files byte by byte to determine what causes some files to go haywire.

–          Lock your files and folders. For those who want to keep their files and folders confidential, it is possible to lock it by providing a username and password. Ask yourself what does my name mean in which you can setup a username related to your real name. Just be careful to pick a password that has whatsoever no relationship to your real name meanings. A software called Folder Lock is an example of a file lock and file encryption tool.

–          Scan your computer every once in a while. Viruses and spywares can hide deep inside the mainframe of your computer that your antivirus or antispyware failed to scan. It’s better to update the database of your software so that you are up to date and protected from any viruses.

When we write something on our computer, there are instances that our file gets corrupt, or accidentally deleted. Often times files are being accessed by unauthorized people in which the next thing you know, you files aren’t there anymore. It’s better to be careful and cautious about our documents as it may contain some important files.

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