How To Choose The Best Cat Scratchers

Giving your cat something to scratch is essential, especially if your cat is an indoor pet. You should never think of declawing your pet, this will prevent him protecting himself, cause mobility and balance problems, and will generally make your cat feel vulnerable and insecure. Cat’s love to scratch, it’s an innate characteristic of their behavior. They scratch to leave their scent behind to warn others of their territory. If a cat is unable to do this then they will not only be open to attack from other cats, it will become depressed as a natural behavior has been taken from them.

Your cat can scratch trees when outside to shorten his claws and leave his scent but inside can be a problem. When a cat uses your furniture to scratch on it is easy to think about declawing.

The easiest way to stop a pet from ruining your furniture is to provide him with several cat scratchers around your house. The best material to use is sisal rope as this is very durable and strong and won’t be imitated in the rest of your house. If you buy a cat scratcher that has carpet on it then your cat may use carpets in your house to scratch on too. Make sure you buy a scratcher that is tall enough for your cat. They like to stretch right up on the hind legs and really pull down with their claws.

You may think that it will cost you a lot of money to put a few cat scratchers around your house but it will be nothing to the cost of a new couch or worse still, owning a depressed declawed cat!

Buy scratchers that complement your décor and place them as near to the doors of rooms as possible. Once you have your scratchers in place you will hardly notice them. If your cat is an indoor pet then you could splash out on cat furniture, which can reach the ceiling for your cat to scratch and climb on! But if your budget is small just buy a couple of scratchers and place accordingly.

Cats usually like to scratch as soon as they enter a room to re-mark their territory and to feel safe and secure. To introduce your cat to the scratchers either place some catnip around the scratcher (you can buy a spray for this), or gently place your cat’s paws against the scratcher and move them up and down a little. Once his smell has been transferred to the scratcher he will continue to use it.

Remember to leave a few around the house to stop the cat scratching your divan bed or other soft furnishings in the house. Purchase the tallest and strongest scratchers you can find.

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