How To Change Your Life Through Meditation

If it’s feasible to boil down the various keys to success and achievement to just one single ingredient, that critical element might be self confidence. The prevailing attitudes we carry about ourselves underpin our every action, and our actions taken over time are the cause of the precise degree of success or failure we have in our everyday lives.

If you’re like many people, you might be interested in gaining confidence. Is there a magical potion that eases self-doubt and quiets self-defeating internal voices? Is there a college course you can take that will transform your fearful unease into world-beating confidence, or that will teach you how to change your life? Not quite, but you’ll be surprised to learn that it’s almost that easy.

The term “self confidence” is somewhat poorly understood, in the sense that its general definition isn’t ambiguous, but its practical effects are not well understood. In other words, what does self confidence look like, on a thought by thought basis? It’s actually very simple: the mantra continuously running in a self-confident mind sounds something like this: “I can do it.”

If success and achievement depend on confidence, and confidence grows from a positive “prevailing wind” inside your mind, what is the key to fostering that positive outlook? It’s not complicated. You can drastically improve your self confidence by learning how to do meditation.

Guided imagery audio meditation is an extremely easy way to start this positive shift in thinking. It works in a very simple way.  First, get online and download a quality guided imagery meditation recording (ConnectionAudio has a few great meditations).  Next, find a quiet spot that’s free of interruption, relax, and listen quietly to the meditation audio. The narrator will first take you through a series of relaxation techniques, which get your mind prepared for the positive thoughts that will come next.   Last, the guided meditation audio moves on to positive imagery and supportive messages which begin diminishing negativity and improving your outlook. Those self-doubting thoughts and images will disappear over time, and eventually be replaced by the positive voice of confidence and competence.

It’s really that easy.  If you can manage to change your thoughts, you’ll be amazed at how quickly everything else changes for you, as well!

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