How Should The Netbook Mouse Look?

A netbook, known for its portability, doesn’t necessary need a mouse, but when someone wants to actually do some work that needs speed and precision, could really use a netbook mouse. For a netbook, the best mouse has to be wireless, because it requires a smaller storage space than a cable mouse, it’s faster and can be used on almost any surface.

Microsoft Arc is one of the best, with an unusual shape. The full Arc is almost as big a normal mouse, but when folded, because it has that possibility, the size is reduced with 40%, making it easier to carry around in a small netbook bag pocket. It has two side-buttons, a laser sensor and it uses only 2.4 GHz wireless for transmission. For a price of almost $50, Microsoft offers a 3 year warranty for this product, giving the pleasant thought that it will work perfectly until then, and even after. Moving on to a more normal mouse, the Logitech M505 it’s a very good choice, for comfort and balance. It comes with a very small RF USB adapter for its wireless technology, and the laser permits it use on a wide variety of surfaces. The prices vary from $40 to $50.

For someone who buys the best 2011 netbook, the best netbook mouse is needed, and what is better than a mouse that doesn’t need an installation and it has a stowable USB nano receiver? The device is made by iHome and runs on a 2.4 GHz frequency. With its small size and the lifetime limited warranty, this netbook mouse runs for the best netbook mouse out there. For someone with a classy and sober style, Logitech V470 is a wise choice. It only has the left-click and right-click button, with the roller in the middle, so it is pretty much basic, but what makes it truly special is the curvy shape and the Bluetooth technology, so it doesn’t need to use a USB receiver. It comes in two colors, blue and white, and its price depends on the color it has. The blue one is the cheapest, and it can be found for $40, but the white mouse, that costs almost $50, gives the real class that a business woman or a stylish working man wants.

In the end, even if it is just an accessory for the netbook equipped with a touchpad, a mouse should be bought wisely, according to one’s possibilities, his or her care for the laser and the battery, and for the storage space that is has at disposal.

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