How Grapefruits Help You To Relax

Grapefruits are very important for our health.  This fruit has kept a low profile among the other citrus fruits.  What we know most about is on the nutritional value of the lemons, oranges, and lime, and so the humble grapefruit is often overshadowed.  I will be discussing some of the important benefits that you can get from a single glass of grapefruit juice.

As much as grapefruits are excellent in energizing, it is also excellent in helping a person relax.  I actually have tried using the essential oils of grapefruits as an aromatherapy, but that was last year; I still like the smell of lavender better, although the grapefruit’s smell is quite fragrant.  Having a glass of grapefruit juice after a hectic schedule throughout the day will surely help you relax and feel refreshed.  This will be helpful in dispelling tiredness and fatigue.  For those with insomnia, we all know that sleeplessness zaps our energy and will slowly make us prone to sickness.  Well then, have a glass of grapefruit juice at least one hour before bedtime and be rest assured that you won’t be suffering from insomnia for the whole night and you’ll have a restful sleep.

The juicer that I personally use for this one is the Omega Vrt350 HD.  This is a masticating juicer from Omega, a very well trusted name in the juicing industry.  This is a revolutionary model since it is vertical, and as we are all familiar with, most masticating juicers are actually horizontal.  This combines the force of a masticating juicer and the speed of a centrifugal juicer in one machine.  This is amazingly quiet because it only runs in 80 revolutions per minute, if you compare this with other masticating juicers, the juices from this machine has less foam.  This is an indication that the oxidation process of the Omega Vrt350 HD is relevantly lower, or should I say the lowest amongst the most popular juicer models now.

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