Housing Alarm Systems Can Also be Pet-Friendly

What is the main purpose of housing alarm systems? Isn’t it to prevent theft? But then it suddenly goes off in the middle of the night waking everyone up and all you see is your favorite cute dog playing with the curtains on the window? Isn’t that a bit absurd? This is a common problem with alarms especially if you installed motion sensors. But what can you do about it?

All we know that motion sensors are very sensitive and are very prone to accidents. You can’t control you’re pets on where they should go. They are very unpredictable and you wouldn’t know what would happen next. But you can still do something about it. There are ways on how to prevent your alarms from going off. You can always install pet-friendly alarms in your house to avoid accidental alarms and interruptions.

Housing alarm systems can also be pet-friendly. The main idea of sensors is motion. They detect motion including movements. But other than motion, they can also detect weight. Depending on how heavy or how light the object is, the alarm would go off. Pet-friendly alarms often have weight-bearing detectors. As long as objects that would pass the alarm weights lower than an average person, the alarm won’t go off. This is a clever idea of using motion sensor alarms.

But there are cases that professional thieves use children to bypass motion sensors. Because children weight almost the same as your pets, the alarms won’t go off thus making it easy for them to do the burglary. Housing alarm systems also have some flaws so it is still important to install other kinds of alarms to support your sensors.

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