History of Christmas Reindeer told

The history of Christmas reindeer goes back centuries, but children could not care less as they try to stay awake for a glimpse of Santa. Soon they succumb to sleep, and miss their chance for another year.

It’s simple really. Santa lives up North where reindeer live. Santa needs transportation, and the reindeer are willing. Reindeer Christmas lights light illuminate the way on Santa’s journey through the dark and sometimes snowy night.

A favorite story of Santa is how St. Nicholas tells of how he wanted to give to the poor. It’s a good story, Nicholas is said to have been born in a very poor town in what is now known as Turkey. Although his parents were rich, Nicholas chose to live a humble and charitable life.

Kris Kringle’s debut was much later. In the 1800 there was a man named Belsnickle who gave good children small gifts. Children who misbehaved were warned of punishment.

Because of his generosity, Kris purchased his herd of reindeer to guide him around the world. The lights on his sleigh may be symbolic of hope, love, and faith.

Twas the night before Christmas starts a well-known poem written by Clement Clarke Moore. We have taken liberties with our interpretation. In someone’s imagination reindeer could actually fly. Santa and reindeer are magic, so anything is possible.

No Christmas season would be the same without the telling of Rudolph. He had a very shiny nose, you know. The nose guided Santa, the other reindeer, and the sleigh filled with toys from rooftop to rooftop. The only rest they got was when Santa slid down the chimney to deliver his gifts. There is nothing quite like the look on a child’s face when he wakes to see that the cookies have been eaten, and gifts have been delivered. Santa was here!

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