Guerilla Marketing Tactics and The Small Business Owner

There are literally hundreds of guerrilla marketing techniques that you could use to market your business when you are low on advertising money.  When you are a new business, cash doesn’t always flow like you want it to and you don’t always have the budget for expensive advertising campaigns.  Hey, that’s OK.  No one expects their business to be a multi-million dollar industry in one day.  The key is to keep the marketing going even when you don’t have the money for it.  The way you do that is by employing tried and proven guerrilla marketing techniques, and brainstorming some new ones of your own.  Here is why guerrilla marketing is the key to keeping you business growing when you don’t have money for conventional advertising.

Instead of relying on big budgets and a ton of cash to buy bill board space, the heart of guerrilla marketing converts man power, ideas, and hard work into results.  This is not always easy to do.  You could spend nights, days, and even weeks thinking and planning new strategies to find ones that work, but who said starting a new business was easy anyway?  It takes work, but as you start implementing your tactics, using your most valuable resource – your personnel, and seeing results, the process will become easier.

Using your personnel is the key to success.  If you have staff that has great customer service phone skills, get them on the phone making calls.  If you have staff who are talented writers, get them on the internet writing blog posts about your company’s products and linking them to your website.  Use what you have now to the fullest, and once the money begins to flow you will have developed successful processes that will yield more success than if you had a huge advertising budget from the start.

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