GU10 LED Bulbs Are The Most Efficient Lightsource Today

GU10 LED bulbs are great, not just because the they are drop-in replacements for halogen spots everywhere, but mainly because they are so much more efficient! LED technology beats every other commercially available lighting technology hands down. Remember back when all we had was incandescent bulbs and flourescent light? Lighting was power hungry back then, and you did not leave it on – if you could help it. Then came halogen, and it was a little better – CFL bulbs too – a lot actually. But LED takes the cake. It is really THE most efficient lignting technology we have, and it is the future – no doubt about it. A 5 watts LED bulb gives you just as much light as a 50 watt halogen the same size, so you are saving a lot on your electrical bill by using LED.

GU10 LED’s are cool because a lot of people have halogen systems with GU10 sockets already, so upgrading is almost too easy. But there are other LED formats too, of course, from e-base bulbs(threaded bases, just like in the old days) and something like GU5.3, which is for use with a low voltage transformer. So should you rush out and immediately replace all your GU10 halogen with LED’s? Well, it depends. Really the most resource-friendly way, is to slowly let the old bulbs burn out, then replace with the new stuff. That way, you get the most out of the old bulbs, with repect to the energy that was spent making them. Of course, you can’t put that in the bank, but you will know with yourself that you have saved mother earth some additional trouble. You will probably also initially wince at the price tag on those LED’s – they are still a lot more expensive than halogen – sometimes ten times more. But even so, they will still pay for themselves in a way that no other bulb ever could – because they will last longer than halogen too.

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