Green Tea Capsules and Green Tea Weight Loss

Green tea has become very popular lately. As a matter of fact, a lot of people are getting on the green tea weight loss wave and are buying green tea bags, as well as green tea supplements to lose weight. Several studies have produced convincing results about the power of green tea in helping people shed their extra pounds. Aside from that, green tea can also help with various other sicknesses, like anxiety, asthma and arthritis, according to Green tea is indeed a wonder beverage. If you also want to lose weight but would not like to drink 3 to 5 glasses of green tea every day, you can take it in capsule form. It will be just as effective and just as potent. Before choosing from the various green tea capsules available today, you should do your research to make sure that you choose the best one.

Jarrow’s Green Tea. This is a green tea capsule which is highly recommended by The company claims that their product is extracted and consists of 50% polyphenols and 30% catechins. It is recommended that you drink a single capsule per day. But you have to be very cautious especially if you are sensitive to caffeine because the product contains 40 mg caffeine per capsule. This product is not recommended for people who have heart problems, pregnant women and nursing women.

Source Naturals Green Tea Extract. This is the rated as the third best green tea capsule in the market today. They have two versions of the capsule, one which is 100mg and another which is 500mg. Both have standardized 70 mg polyphenols per 200mg of product. The capsules also contain stearic acid, calcium phosphate, colloidal silicon dioxide and magnesium state. The latter is used to prevent moisture on the capsule.

Aside from these two there are other choices in the market so make sure that you read ratings and reviews. This only goes to show how big the green tea and weight loss market is.

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