Garden design considering future planning

When a new home is built it is important to consider the garden and its environs as extensions of the home. It is best to try and knit the fabric of the home to the type of brick, stone, gravel, wood or other material that you want to use when building or planning your garden. In my opinion a wooden home should have many wooden items in the garden to compliment the structure. For example: wooden planters, wooden benches, wooden pagoda or gazebo and all pathways could be trimmed and outlined with wood. Likewise, a stone building should have stone walls rather than a wooden picket fence. I am, perhaps, a traditionalist but I have yet to see an unusual or non complimentary combination that was pleasing to the eye.

The main thing in garden design is the positioning of the items that will last a long time. Perhaps even longer than our own lifespans. I am thinking of trees which can last for hundreds of years and if they are not positioned correctly at the initial planting they may be cut down before maturing. The reasons for cutting trees might be that the soil cannot support the root system or that the soil type is incorrect. Other reasons are that the tree might be too big and putting the property in permanent shade which raise another concern it that a tree which shades so much could damage the property if it fell during a storm. Tree roots are invasive and have been known to grow under properties and cause floors to crack and become uneven. Some trees grow very quickly and could reach unmanageable heights in a short number of years.

Planning is so important and it is difficult to visualize a mature garden if you are just starting out with a bare plot but a good idea is to visit neighbor who may be more established and have some good features already installed.

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