For the Cigar Loving Golfer

With many of our freedoms being encroached upon and our name meaning something more than what it is, fairways have become the mecca of die hard cigar lovers. Who can point to a no smoking sign on a golf course, yet. If space is the final frontier for adventurers then a lush green golf course has begun a not so secret last stand frontier for those who enjoy smoking out of doors and spreading their ashes.

What you miss in being allowed to bask in the aroma of a fine cigar, you make up for in enjoying your smoke without being threatened to put it out or told to leave. Golf courses have no ban on cigar smoking and even encourage it. In the sophisticated world of golf greens where expectations are that you are a gentlemen who has the time and inclination to enjoy a fine sport, cigar smoking becomes almost an expectation.

For the golfer in your family, a great gift for Christmas is the golfers cigar rest. Plastic cigar rests that let the golfer put his cigar securely on until he putts also include stainless and gold plated cigar stands that can be used in cigar rooms to allow for the enjoyment of reading a favorite newspaper while also being satisfied by your favorite cigar. Some golfers cigar rest sell for 26 dollars if they are metal. If setting your cigar on one of these while out of the green isn’t what you need then a cigar minder which is an elaborate clip with a spring that can attach to your golf bag or to your golf cart to hold your cigar while you actually golf can be yours for less than 10 dollars.

These might be novelty gifts for an office party. Other gifts for the cigar smoking golfer could be a genuine leather case that can hold three cigars and fit into a top pocket to protect the cigar from being damaged. These leather cigar cases sell for 27 dollars.

If the golfer on your list takes his cigars with him when he travels, a travel humidor can keep them fresh until he is ready to light up, is a great gift for him. Travel humidors are available in various sizes and prices range from 30 dollars to 300 dollars. These are all great gift ideas for Christmas.

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