Folding Campers Are Good For The Enviroment

If you want to be comfortable, and enjoy the outdoors, try doing it with folding campers. They are a good alternative to tent camping. They are more comfortable than sleeping in a tent but much easier to set up then a recreational motor home. The latest models have similar features to full sized models, and some extra features that make it easier to use.

The latest pop- ups are easier to pull than the ones in the past. Available in soft sides made from vinyl and aluminum. They have campers that have solid roof and walls if you want. This is especially good if inclement weather becomes a problem. There are different models with styles like, square or A frames that you can purchase.

An Aliner has solid walls, microwave, refrigerator, and a stove. Other companies sell models that include indoor baths, air conditioning, and heat. This is comfort for any type of weather. Now they are manufacturing aluminum or steel floors instead of wood. This makes for less worry about floors getting soft spots or rotting out. The bed mattresses have improved. They are more comfortable to sleep on, and can sleep up to four people. This is a big improvement over the older models, and the sleeping area is larger.

You may be thinking of buying a recreation vehicle but a folding camper is a better alternative. It is less expensive than purchasing a smaller recreation vehicle. They weigh less, so they use less gas to travel from one place to another. You can see the latest models in many different parts of the country at various dealerships. If you are an environmentally involved family, folding campers will fit your value standards. They are low in fuel costs, and use space well. When traveling, they are like having all your comforts from home with you.

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